Long Island Fine Art wedding photographer light airy


$ 5000

  • Complimentary Engagement Session

  • Creation of your own custom wedding day timeline

  • 8 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

  • Two Photographers to Capture the Story of Your Day

  • Digital Downloads of Professionally Edited High Resolution Images

  • Online Gallery for Sharing Images and Ordering Prints


$ 5700

  • Complimentary Engagement Session

  • Creation of your own custom wedding day timeline

  • 10 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

  • Two Photographers to Capture the Story of Your Day

  • Digital Downloads of Professionally Edited High Resolution Images

  • Online Gallery for Sharing Images and Ordering Prints



  • Complimentary Engagement Session

  • Creation of your own custom wedding day timeline

  • All Day Wedding Day Coverage (Up to 12 hours)

  • Two Photographers to Capture the Story of Your Day

  • Digital Downloads of Professionally Edited High Resolution Images

  • Online Gallery for Sharing Images and Ordering Prints

Timeline Tip:

The base collection works great for weddings where the “getting ready”, ceremony, and reception are all in the same location! If there is travel time involved, The Classic Collection is going to better fit!



  • Additional Wedding Day Coverage ($350/Hour)

  • 10 x 10 Leather or Luxe Linen Heriloom Album ($1200)

  • 6 x 6 Replica Parent Album ($400)

  • USB Flash Drive of Images ($300)

  • Prints of all sizes can be added to any collection



What is your photography style?

My favorite thing about photography is the ability to capture genuine love and joy and am on the lookout for those glances and smiles all day! I would prefer you to look at your images and remember exactly how incredible you felt and the experience as a whole, rather than the way I told you to smile and pose your hand. Throughout your wedding day, I will step in and help to tweak the situation in order to create stunning images. This may involve removing a distracting picture off the wall, turning you to face the light, or helping you move into a flattering pose that will better showcase your dress.  I will take a photojournalistic approach to documenting your ceremony and most of your reception. 

I am primarily a natural light photographer and will shoot as much as possible using only natural light. This means shooting outside, or near the largest windows that I can find! Natural light gives the images such a soft, bright, and natural feel. In order to stay true to my style and deliver these type of images, we will discuss your timeline, and options for making sure we have access to the most gorgeous light possible. I will use additional artificial lighting equipment for your reception and as needed throughout the day if natural light is lacking to make sure you have the prettiest images possible. 

Do you have insurance?

Yes. I am fully insured and can provide documentation to your venue if requested. Please let me know at least 1 week in advance so that I can forward necessary documentation.

Do you have backup equipment?

Absolutely. I bring a backup camera, lenses, batteries, and memory cards to every event. These are moments that you cannot do over and I am always prepared for the unexpected. All packages also include a second photographer. This ensures that there are 2 photographers covering all your most important moments. 


How do we figure out how many hours of coverage we need?

Each wedding is unique and we can work together to build a package that suits your day.  As a Jennifer Lam bride, you will receive a timeline blueprint which will walk you through how much time is needed for me to capture each part of your wedding day. We can work together from there to create a unique timeline that will bring your vision to life! Ten hours is a great starting point for most weddings.  Extra hours can be added up until your wedding day.

Should I prepare a “shot list”?

Yes, and No. A shot list is a list of images or “shots” that you want the photographer to take. Bridal magazines and blogs publish articles with “must have” shots constantly and I read them all when I first began photographing weddings! I do not need an all-encompassing list of every moment of your wedding. You have enough to do! I will absolutely take pictures of you walking down the aisle, the first dance, etc. However, if there are moments or items that are very important for you to have captured, please let me know. For example, at my own wedding I had decorated the mantle of the fireplace with pictures of my dad who had passed years before. Unfortunately, I had not communicated with my photographer about that detail and it was not photographed. My photographer had no way of knowing that pictures would be there and in the hustle and bustle of the night small details easily get overlooked.

One area where I absolutely recommend preparing a shot list is for formal family pictures. These are posed pictures usually taken just after the ceremony or during cocktail hour with the newly married couple and their families. These pictures take up a lot more time than most people think- roughly 3-5 minutes per grouping. Time is spent gathering all those wandering family members, posing, and taking multiple shots to make sure everyone’s eyes are open!  Please limit your list to ten groupings or shots. Having a shot list prepared and delivered to your photographer prior to your wedding helps to run through these shots quickly and efficiently and gets guests to your cocktail hour. 

Do we need a second photographer?

I whole heartedly believe in having two photographers at your wedding. This is a once in a lifetime event, and one photographer can only be in one place at once.  A second photographer will ensure more complete coverage of your wedding day. While I am photographing the look of joy and excitement on your face as you and your father walk down the aisle, a second photographer can capture that iconic shot from behind that showcases smiling guests and the back of your veil sweeping across the aisle, or they can zero in on your groom's reaction! While I photograph the groom saying his vows, a second photographer on the other end of the aisle can capture you wiping a tear from your cheek, or the smiles on your parent's faces. If something runs behind schedule, I can photograph you with your bridesmaids, while a second photographer can photograph your groom with his groomsmen, finishing bridal party portraits in half the time, or head off to cocktail hour to photograph arriving guests, or reception details. Having a talented second photographer is like having insurance for your wedding day!

What if we end up needing more time?

I will never run out the door when our wedding day coverage is over. If you need me to stay for a little longer (up to 15 minutes) to capture the cake cutting or a few more portraits- I am SO there! If you require more time, there will be an additional fee. You can approve it on the spot and I will invoice you after the wedding for the extra coverage.

We want to take portraits outside but what if it rains?

I love to shoot outside! I am not afraid of a little drizzle or light snow flurries. In fact, some of my favorite wedding images ever have been taken on rainy days! If the forecast calls for rain, pick up some clear umbrellas. I will bring a few too! Clear umbrellas work great to allow light to still shine on your faces during portraits & get killer creamy, dreamy skin tones! If you are okay with getting a little wet, we can still shoot in the planned location. If the outdoor location is just not an option, we will look for an area with some cover such as a porch, bridge, or overhang. We can find an indoor space with beautiful window light and elegant decor. And if none of those options work,  I will arrive at your wedding with lighting equipment, portable soft boxes, and reflectors to provide beautiful light when shooting indoors too. 

How many pictures will we get?

It is hard to give you an exact number. Every wedding is unique. The number of hours of coverage, the amount of travel time in between locations, the number of guests, the type of event, will affect the final number. I will never run out of space on my camera or stop shooting just because I reached a specific number. On average, you will receive 75-100 edited images per hour of shooting.

Can we have the raw/ unedited pictures too?

Simply, No. After your wedding, I spend hours going through the pictures and sorting them. At this time, I sort out the pictures that have eyes closed, misfires, pictures where people walked in front of the camera, and pictures that for whatever reason do not meet my very high standards. These files are discarded. I will never hold good pictures hostage from you or charge you to view more images.

How will I receive my images? Can I have my pictures on a USB or CD?

Your images will be delivered electronically via an online gallery.  The gallery is password protected so any person looking to access the images must have the secured password. This is the quickest way for me to get the images to you.  As soon as I finish editing I can load the images to the gallery and send you the link and password. Even if it is at 2 am! No need to wait for items to be shipped and delivered. It also allows you to share your images with guests, friends, and family. From your gallery, you can download all the images directly to your computer. You can save them to a hard drive, USB or CD on your own. However, if you would like a USB of your images made by Jennifer Lam Photography, you can purchase it a' la carte. While prints are not included in our wedding collections, you can order them directly from your online gallery. It's fast, easy, and competitively priced. 

When will we receive our images?

Images from engagement sessions will be delivered to you within 3 weeks and your full wedding gallery will be available within 6 weeks from your wedding day. 

Can we opt out of the engagement session?

I’ve found the best wedding photography experiences happen when you all have the chance to get to know your photographer before the wedding day. It’s the best opportunity we’ll have to get comfortable with each other, for you all to familiarize yourselves with the way I pose/shoot, and gives me a better understanding of your unique relationship so that I can capture you two authentically. Consider it a warm-up to your wedding day, meaning the photographs on the day you say “I do” will be that much more comfortable. There’s that much less pressure to “perform,” allowing you to soak in the moment for what it is.

I don’t want to rob you all of that opportunity, which is why we make it as easy as pos- sible to get all of our couples in front of my camera prior to the wedding day! Because of that, we chose to make it a complimentary item in every package, meaning it doesn’t affect the price should the engagement session go unused. 

If you have already taken engagement session photos with another photographer prior to booking, live far away, or really just don't want one,  I can offer an additional hour of coverage in place of an engagement session. In other words, when you book our 10 hour package, you receive 11 hours of photography coverage. 

How do we book our wedding with you?

To book your wedding and reserve your date I require a signed contract and a 50% non-refundable retainer. The contract will be sent to you electronically. Payments can be made via cash, check, or ACH/Electronic check.